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  • Do I need prior training experience before starting at Jungle BJJ?
    Absolutely not. Most of our members came in through our doors for the first time as complete beginners. On most days there will be someone else in the class, who is in the same boat as you, i.e. starting from zero - and if there isn't all of our experienced members will be there to make you feel welcome!
  • Is there an age limit for starting BJJ?
    There is a bottom threshold for the kids classes (4 y/o), and that's about it! You are never too old to start your BJJ journey!
  • Do I need a kimono/gi?
    You will need a kimono for the Gi classes (marked accordingly in the schedule) At Jungle BJJ, we have approximately a 50/50 split between Gi and NoGi classes. You can choose to train NoGi only, but that will obviously eliminate half of the class options for you.
  • What is NoGi?
    NoGi is style of jiu-jitsu practied without the traditional uniform (kimono/gi). It is also referred to as grappling or submission wrestling. A lot of the same principles apply, except there is no fabric to hold on to. For NoGi classes we recommend wearing compression wear (leggings and rashguard) + shorts.
  • Is there anything else I need to bring to the class?
    Yes. You must have a pair of flip flops to wear outside the mats. We take hygine very seriously, so you can't walk around barefoot and then jump onto the tarining area, so please keep a pair of flip flops in your gear bag at all times. Also have a bottle of water - it is always handy to have during a tough training session.
  • What is an Open Mat?
    Opent Mat is a time slot where there is no structured session in place. You can come in and do a few drills, ask questions, have some light or hard sparring rounds or just have some good chats!
  • Can I cancel my membership any time or is there a contract?
    We do not believe into tying people up in lengthy contracts. You can cancel your membership any time within the Wix app (link on the bottom of homepage) ahead of your next billing date to prevent further charges or by emailing us. Your membership will be active until for the entire period you paid for. There is no apportioning of the monthly fee paid.
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