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My Selection of FREE BJJ materials to study/practice while you are stuck at home.

We are a few days into quarantine, but I hope everyone's spirit is high and you are making the best out of this forced break.

A lot of you will be already aware of these, but in case you are not - the whole BJJ community has come together and produced so much free content, which normally you'd have to spend a good buck on. Here is what I think will be the most useful to you:

1. Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by the world champion Bernardo Faria. This instructional brings amazing value to all levels from white to black belts (including myself). Bernardo was very kind to offer it for free to anyone. Use code FARIAFREE at the checkout.


2. What To Do When You Can’t Train Jiu Jitsu (Coronavirus) by John Danaher

Widely recognised as the mastermind behind the modern BJJ's rapid development, Dahaher is sharing his insight and wisdom in relations to this seemingly chaotic disruption. Youtube Link (mindset concept)

Here is the Link to the full instructional on solo drills and movement development - excellent material! This will be good for kids as well

3. To keep you in generally good shape, our own liftbjj.com has a free COVID-19 plan (while things are hectic) with 3 bodyweight fitness programs of various levels, which you can do at home - I am currently doing these on a daily basis to make the return to mats smooth.

There is more, but this should definitely keep you busy for a while! Let me know if you run out of things to watch/do! Also, feel free to ask any questions about BJJ/training/mindset - I will address those in blog posts or Instagram videos.

Stay safe and see you soon!


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