• Peter

RE: COVID-19 & Classes Cancellation

Hey everyone! You can probably imagine that this doesn't come as an easy decision, but we have to play our part in the community's effort to tackle the COVID-19 issue. There will be no classes until further notice (provisionally - until 29 March).

Regardless of what each of us thinks of this virus - whether it's nonsense or a serious threat, the reality is that we simply don't know. We definitely know that it can escalate to a pretty bad state - Italy as an example.

I am sure everyone here is smart enough to understand that it is not only about us as the recipients of the virus, but more about us the carriers of it to other people who may be more vulnerable. And as long as it keeps spreading, there will be no peace.

It is very unfortunate, but we will have to take a break.

Use it to heal any injuries, read a few good things, spend more time with the close ones.

We sincerely hope not to see the surge in membership cancellation requests - as you also understand, memberships are our sole source of income to keep the doors open. Please stick with us if you are in a position to do so, and I promise we will repay you for your loyalty in the coming months. If you do have to cancel - please reach out.

On the bright side, I will be releasing a lot of content, perhaps do a few videos, Q&As etc for you to read/watch while you are at home. To all our members I will also open liftbjj.com for free until we re-open. It has multiple workout programs including 3 levels of bodyweight (no equipment) programs to keep you in shape!

Thank you for understanding guys! I hope to see you back soon!


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