W2 | D1 - Back Control Counter

In our 3rd session, we are looking at the receiving end of a back attack. Part 1 is a standing RNC counter, where we have to follow follow 2 initial steps righ away:

1. Strengthen the base by bending the knees and taking a wider stance

2. Grab the attacking arm with both hands and stay heavy on it

We then nee to feel the posture of our oopnent:

- If they are leaning forward, we use our hips to elevate for an overhead throw

- If they are leaning back heavy and we can't lift them, we make a big step around towards the atacking arm's side to execute a trip with a shoulder push

Part 2 is a counter to the back control on the gorud. We focus our efforts on negting the choking (top) arm with a 2-on-1 grip.

1. Pass the arm over your head, apply pressure on their shoulder as if you are performing and arm lock.

2. Retain the grip on the wrist with the top hand, with the bottom arm reach under their head and pull it in.

3. Clear the top hook and step around the bottom one to set up a D'Arce choke (don't get too worried about the details on this for the time being)

Enjoy the video and post comment if you have any questions.