About the Academy

Jungle BJJ Dublin opened its doors on the 1st of June 2016 in Smithfield and has since relocated to new premises in the Liberties, Dublin 8, just a couple of minutes walk from St. Patrick's  Cathedral and Christchurch. We have classes suitable to everyone from a complete beginner to an experienced grappler scheduled throughout the day.


The school is run by Peter Mamaev, black belt under the head of Jungle BJJ association Fernando Nascimento Araujo, a 4th degree black.


The core principle behind Jungle BJJ can be expressed in one simple phrase: "Train hard and have fun!". Here you can expect high-quality training, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and mutual respect from everyone in the academy!


Our doors are open to everyone - send us a message or pop over to the gym!

Who Our Classes Are For


We know how daunting starting something new, especially martial arts training, can be. Throughout the year we have multiple beginner intakes, which are designed to give everyone a safe and friendly framework to get started with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and learn the basics.


Benefits of BJJ for kids are countless. Along with the physical fitness practical skills, at Jungle BJJ we focus on character development, mental resilience, and communication - the type of skills that will serve your child for life.


If you already have some grappling experience, you can join us any time outside of the intakes and get stuck into the intense training sessions. In our classes, we do a lot of positional work and technique studies along with plenty of live sparring. 


For those of you who want to test yourself on a competitive scene, we have specialised training sessions and framework to push you towards reaching your full potential, no matter what your current level is. 

What Our Members Say


Keelan Higgs, Chef

One of the best decisions I've made in my life was starting jiu jitsu at Jungle BJJ, a fun and engaging way to get fit and flexible. Improves your mental toughness, crushes your ego and humbles you on a daily basis. An amazing way to improve yourself as a person not to mention the crew at Jungle are super friendly and welcoming to everyone who joins the club. I love it and couldn't recommend it more highly.